From Digital Consumer to Maker

Hello World!

In just over a week I will begin a new chapter in my life – learning software development at Makers Academy, London.

This blog will capture my experiences and learning, my struggles as well as my triumphs. I hope for any readers out there it will provide you with a bit insight about life in a software development boot camp. All going well, I will graduate on May 12th along with 22 other students. On June 3, I will take on a new role as a first time dad.\n\nThe next few months will be life-changing.

My story

Although I have been working with websites for most of my career, the nuts and bolts of how web applications actually work was the domain of the agencies I contracted. My background is in marketing. I do not have a computer science degree and my limited IT knowledge has come from managing an IT specialist on my team (…not that I think this matters moving forwards). If you are interested in my background then take a look at my website.\n\nIt was around a year ago that I decided I wanted do more than be a consumer of digital ‘stuff’. I wanted to get my hands dirty. A quick online search turned up a free resource called Code Academy and it was from that point I became hooked. In August last year I was accepted onto the Feb 2014 cohort of Makers Academy.

Ruby Nooby

At this point in my journey I am still very much a noob. I still have a lot to learn. My hope is that Makers Academy will help me fast-track this learning.

Next up…

In my next post I’ll outline what learning I have undertaken to prepare myself for Makers Academy.

Written on January 17, 2014