About Me

Between 2007 and 2014 I worked client-side in marketing and digital roles and volunteered as a digital consultant for an environmental agency. I oversaw the creation of some cool digital products but found this to be less satisfying over time as I was not the one making them.

In 2014 I turned my programming hobby into a new career. After graduating from Makers Academy I joined the team at Codurance as one of their first Software Craftsman Apprentices, graduating as Software Craftsman in July 2016..

To date my clients have included Amazon Web Services, Crowdmix & Coniq.

Currently I am helping Merger Market develop their flagship financial news product, Debtwire.

Every project I have helped out on has required me to get to grips with new tech stacks … Java, Ruby, Javascript, Clojure, front end, back end, functional style, OO style, SQL, NO-SQL … You name it.

I love a new challenge. Rather than being too hung up on certain tech or approaches, I prefer to have a range of tools at my disposal in order make the best possible software for the client.

On the side, I attend London Software Craftmanship Community and functional programming meetups, volunteer my services to a local school (to help maintain their website), play with Redux and practice karate.